氧气含量指数在很多工业领域应用中属于非常重要的参数,是研发以及生产的控制与10bet中经常需要分析与10bet。测量量程从0-10ppm 到 0-100%Vol O2, 可根据不同应用需求选择不同测量原理的仪器和配置。
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Measuring principle

ZrO2 sensor with Pt-electrodes


Measuring range


Analogue signal port

0 … 10 V, 0 (4) …20mA, galvanically separated



+/- 2 % of the measuring value




0,01 % – C(O2)



ca. 20 seconds


2* 16 digit, illuminated LCD display

1. Line: display of concentration in Vol %

2. Line: messages, device status, sensor parameters


1 System message (measuring value yes / no)

max. 2 messages configurable as measuring values 

Digital communication

serial interface RS232 


ambient operating temp.


+5 °C up to + 45 °C

Power supply


110 or 230 VAC / 60 - 50 Hz

Protection / Housing / Dimensions

IP 65/ wall mounting housing 300x320 x130mm

IP20 / electronics unit 28 TE / 3HU

IP54 / portable housing 42 TE / 3 HE

IP 54 / panel mounting 144 x 144 mm




2.5-10 kg




back purge for high dust concentrations

pressure reducer

particle lfilter 2-7μm

manual 5 way valve

electronical/pneumatic gas supply pump

electronical flowmeter

software for remote control and service



Approvals TÜV certification 936/807023/A of 14.08.2000

Version: AMS 3220 E V-2013-07

Specification subject to change.

The Measuring principle:

The Zircondioxid sensor is the ideal detector for the measurement of Oxygen in gases without

combustible impurities. The Zircondioxid sensor can be installed in the housing of the Oxygen

Analyser AMS 3220 . Using a calibration adapter with the Zircondioxid sensor, the Zircondioxid sensor can also be installed directly in a process gas pipe. This setup allows easy supply of calibration and reference gas to the sensor by using a separate pneumatic unit. In combination with the optional, time controlled auto-calibration feature the already high accuracy and reproducibility of the Oxygen Analyser AMS 3220 is improved further.


The Measuring system:

A long list of options allows to adapt the Oxygen Analyser AMS 3220 for almost every application.

Four measuring ranges with automatic switch-over and digital measuring range recognition can be set freely within the maximum measuring range. The software for remote control and remote service with access via the customer computer network further increase the flexibility of the Oxygen Analyser AMS 3220 in a application.

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